About Stone


Nero Africa
Galaxy Black
Absolute Black Zimbabwe
Absolute Black Belfast
Artic Blu
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Marina Pearl
Vizag Light
Orissa Blu
Paradiso Blu
Himalayan Blu
Baltic Brown
Monola Brown
Marron Guaiba
Crystal Brown
Labrador Antique
Autumn Brown
Baltic Green
Verde Aosta
Verde Mergozzo
Oriental Green
Verde Argento
Verde Fiorito
Verde Lavras
Verde Mare
Fauntaine Green
Verde Esmeralda
Verde Eucalipto
Verde Acquamarina
Verde Candeias
Verde San Francisco
Verde Marina
Grigio Malaga
Grigio Perla
Grigio Sardo
Gris Perla
Saint Louis
Grigio Sardo Champagne
Chiandone Grigio
Padang Light
Padang Dark
Azul Aran
Beola Bianca
Beola Chiandonata
Beola Grigia
Serizzo Antigorio
Serizzo Formazza
Serizzo Ghiandone
Serizzo Scuro Valmasino
Chiandone Limbara
Chiandone Rosato
Rosa Porrino
Rosa Baveno
Rosa Beta
Rosa Nule
Rosa Kali
Pink Royal
Pink Salisbury
African Lilac
Lilla Gerais
Rosa Samambaia
Tiger Skin
Indian Juparana
Rosa Raisa
Royal Mahogany
Dakota Mahogany
Saphire Brown
Gran Violet
Tropical Guarani
Saint Tropez
Marron Cafe
African Red
Balmoral Red FG
Balmoral Red CG
Copao Bonito
Carmen Red
Eagle Red
Imperial Red
New Imperial
New Rubin
Rosso Toledo
Rosso Braganza
Aswan Red
Rosso Perla India
Rosso Santiago
Vanga Red
Sierra Chica
Multicolor Red
Tiger Red
Juparana Africa
Azul Bahia
Blu King
Blu King
Paradiso Bash
Blanco Berrocal
Blanco Cristal
Blanco Galizia
Bianco Sardo
Caesar White
Tolga White
Bianco Baveno
Blanco Real
Bethel White
Cardinal White
Imperial White
Samba White
Solar White
Galaxy White
Kashmir White
Viscount White
Silver Cloud
Amarelo Real
Giallo Antico
Giallo Veneziano
Santa Cecilia
Giallo Florito
Juparana Classico
Juparana Colombo
Juparana Champagne
Juparana Delicado
Botticino Classico
Botticino Semiclassico
Botticino Fiorito
Botticino Royal
Crema Marfil
Filetto Rosso
Filettato America
Trani Classico
Trani Cocciolato
Trani Fiorito
Serpeggiante Italia
Crema Sicilia
Fiorito Dalia
Rosa San Marco
Breccia Sarda Scura
Perlato Sicilia
Perlato Royal
Perlato Svevo
Nocciolato Chiaro
Spuma Di Mare
Cremo Supremo
Crema Nuova
Mezza Perla
Chiampo Perlato
Travertino Romano Chiaro
Travertino Romano Classico
Travertino Romano Classico In Falda
Travertino Iberico
Travertino Striato
Travertino Scabas
Brown Onyx
Nero Belgio
Nero Marquina
Noir Saint Laurent
Noro Creta
Negro Mexico
Porfirico Ramello Bruno
Marron Imperial
Marron Emperador
Breccia Paradiso
Travertino Noce
Travertino Noce In Falda
Tanzania Brown Onyx Vein Cut
Tanzania Brown Onyx Vein Cut
Tanzania Brown Onix
Cipollino Apuano
Cremo Tirreno
Verde Acceglio
Verde Alpi
Verde Aver
Verde Giada
Verde Gressoney
Verde Guatemala
Verde Issoire
Verde Issogne
Verde Patrizia
Tinos Green
Verde S. Denis
Verde Rameggiato
Vermont Green
Taiwan Green
Larissa Green
Rajastan Green
Serpentino Classico
Breccia Fawakir
Green Onyx
Bardiglo Carrara
Bardiglo Imperiale
Nuvolato Apuano
Bardiglio Fumo Di Londra
Blu Venato D'Italia
Pearl Grey
Solar Grey
Antique Silver
Tekmar Dove
Fior Di Pesco Carnico
Grigio Carnico
Arabescato Orobico Grigio
Aurisina Fiorita
Repen Zolla
Silver Travertino
Fior Di Rosa
Rosa West
Rosa Portogallo
Rosa Estremoz
Rosa Bellisimo
Norwegian Rose
Rosa Egeo
Perlino Rosato
Chiampo Rosa
Rosa Cengi
Rosa Levante
Saint Flourian
Breccia Damascata
Breccia Aurora
Breccia Oniciata
Rosa Tea
Arabescato Orobico Rosa
Rosso Lepanto
Rosso Antico D'italia
Roso Laguna
Porfirico Ramello Rosso
Rosso Asiago
Rosso Mangiaboschi
Rosso Verona
Rouge Griotte
Rojo Coralito
Rosso Collemandina
Rouge France Languedoc
Rouge France Isabelle
Rosso Di Russia
Rojo Alicante
Pelo Red
Rosso Sant'agata
Rojo Daniel
Rosso Agadir
Duquesa Rosada
Arabescato Orobico Rosso
Breccia Pernice
Rosso Carpazi
Traventino Rosso Persiano
Azul Cielo
Bianco Carrara C
Bianco Carrara C/D
Bianco Carrara D
Bianco Arni
Bianco Royal
Calacatta Carrara
Crevola D'Ossola
Lasa Vena Oro
Bianco Statuario
Bianco P
Bianco Lasa
Bianco Acquabianca
Bianco Sivec
Bianco Thassos
White Savana
White Georgia
White Cherokee
Palissandro Bluette
Bianco Neve Thassos
Calacatta Luccicoso
Calacatta Oro
Binco Venato Carrara
Venatino Gioia
Uliano Venato
Bianco Pennsylvania
Statuario Venato
Calacatta Arni
Calacatta Campocecina
Calacatta Vagli
Calacatta Vagli Extra
Arabescato Cervaiole
Arabescato Piana
Arabescato Corchia Classico
Arabescato Faniello
Arabescato La Mossa
Arabescato Arni
Arabescato Vagli
Arabescato Sea
Perlino Bianco
Cremo Bello
Travertino Bianco
White Onyx
Afyon Yellow
Giallo Siena
Calacatta Siena
Crema Valencia
Giallo Reale
Giallo Tafouk
Golden Travertine
Golden Travertine Vein Cut
Alabastro Egiziano
Absolute Noir: 6100
Apple Martini: 2710
Atlantic Salt: 6270
Baja: 3200
Basalt Black: 6185T
Belgian Moon: 4100
Blizzard: 2141
Buttermilk: 4220
Carbone: 7150
Carmel: 9350
Champagne Limestone: 2400
Chocolate Truffle: 6350
Cinder: 2020
Concrete: 2003
Deep Ocean: 4550
Desert Limestone: 2200
Eggshell: 3141
Espresso: 3380
Haze: 2030
Jerusalem Sand: 4250
Lagos Blue: 4350
Late Autumn: 6380
Linen: 2230
Marrone: 7250
Misty Carrera: 4141
Mocha: 2370
Nougat: 6600
Organic White: 4600
Oyster: 9601
Pebble: 4030
Pure White: 1141
Quartz Reflections: 7141
Raven: 4120
Rosemary: 2740
Ruby Reflections: 7450
Savannah: 9205
Sierra: 9255
Smoky Ash: 6140
Spring Blossom: 7200
Starry Night: 7080
White Ash: 9260
Wild Rocks: 6250
Absolute Green
African Red
Alpina White
Aluminio Nube
Amarillo Arena
Amarillo Palmira
Antique Gold
Beige Olimpo
Bianco River
Black Anubis
Black Canyon
Blanco Capri
Blanco City
Blanco Dune
Blanco Maple
Blue Enjoy
Blue Sahara
Brazilian Brown
Caramel Rhine
Coffee Brown
Coral Troya
Diana Pearl
Ebony Pear
Eros Stellar
Giallo Nova
Giallo Quarry
Green Fun
Grey Amazon
Grey Expo
Ivory Coast
Kona Beige
Lavender You
Magenta Energy
Minerva Cream
Mountain Mist
Naranja Fuego
Nuit Bleue
Orange Cool
Pink Love
Rain Forest
Red Eros
Red Vital
Rosa Grey
Rosso Monza
Santa Fe Brown
Sienna Ridge
Sierra Madre
Sonora Gold
Steel Platinum
Stellar Marine
Stellar Negro
Stellar Snow
Stellar Sun
Tea Leaf
Tebas Black
Tigris Sand
Urban Cream
White North
White Platinum
White Zeus
Yellow Dream
Yellow Nile
Yukon Blanco


Edge detail is one of the most important parts of the project. Here you can see our foremost in edge details. We can also provide you with a custom edge based on your ideas.

Single edge – one single thickness of the material.
Normally 3/4” (2cm) or 1¼” (3cm).

Double edge – Two lairs of the material glued to each other, normally 1½”.

Mitter (straight edge) - because of its design (45°)
edge can be made in any size. #D203

Triple edge – Three lairs of the material glued to each other,normally 2¼”.

Spill proof edge detail. Developed in Israel and curently promoted by Foxstone for our customers.


The durability, elegance and beauty of natural stone contribute to its popularity with homeowners. The variety of types, finishes, thicknesses, and textures means there is a natural stone product to suit every taste. Since every stone is different, the addition of natural stone to the home ensures the uniqueness of each bath, kitchen and floor in which it appears.

Natural stone is formed by heat and pressure deep in the earth. After extraction from a mountainside or from soil, craftsmen cut, fabricate and polish unremarkable chunks of granite, marble, onyx and limestone into gleaming slabs of elegant stonework. Each slab of natural stone results from a combination of powerful natural forces and the artistry of experienced craftsmen.

Granite is an igneous rock with a medium or coarse grain, rich in both feldspar and quartz. Granite is dense and very hard, and it can be easily cut into large blocks. The color of the feldspar within determines the color of the granite, which ranges from dark gray to white and pink. Granite is so hard that diamonds are required to cut and polish it. Granite is a popular countertop material due to its strength and ability to withstand the high temperatures of hot pots and pans. Penetrating silicone-based sealer prevents granite from staining when exposed to hot grease and oil. Granite polishes well and is available in a variety of finishes.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed primarily of limestone and dolomite that have been exposed to extreme heat or pressure. Marble is among the most beautiful stone materials, possessing a highly polished surface and available in hues ranging from earth tones to vivid reds and emerald greens. The colors are caused by impurities, such as carbon or iron.

Caesarstone is a polished manmade stone containing 93 percent natural quartz aggregate and 7 percent polymer resins and pigments, compacted into solid, impermeable slabs. The slabs are cured, manufactured to a specific thickness and polished to a high shine. Caesarstone is available in a wide range of colors and is used primarily for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made up largely of calcite and aragonite, which are forms of calcium carbonate. Like many sedimentary rocks, limestone contains grains made of skeletal fragments of marine life forms. The marine organisms secrete shells composed of calcite or aragonite and leave them behind after dying. Some forms of limestone, such as travertine, result from chemical precipitation. Limestone is usually white, but the presence of impurities, such as sand, clay, iron oxide and organic remains, can produce a variety of colors.

Ceramic tile is usually made from white or red clay baked at high temperatures in a kiln. The clay is mixed with combinations of sand, quartz and feldspar to improve strength and reduce the possibility of shrinkage and cracking. Once the firing process has been completed, the clay is referred to as bisque.

Unglazed tiles are dense and hard, and they are made with only one firing. These tiles do not receive a glaze coating, and the color stays the same throughout, ensuring that small scratches remain unnoticeable.

Glazed tiles are made in the same way as unglazed tiles, but they undergo an application of liquid glaze before firing. The extreme heat of the firing process causes the glaze to fuse with the clay. Color is not uniform throughout these tiles as it is in unglazed tiles, but glazed tiles have the benefit of superior stain resistance. Some varieties of glazed tiles are suitable for countertops and floors; others should be used only on walls.

Quarry tile is made from natural clay and shale through an extrusion process. The tiles are fired at high temperatures, altering the chemical composition and creating particularly hard, heavy tiles. The color of the tile varies naturally, making stains hard to detect. Quarry tile absorbs little water and is suitable for outdoor use and for bathrooms. Quarry tiles are easily cleaned and maintained.

Porcelain is a ceramic product that results from the heating of raw materials, including clay, to temperatures above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The high firing temperature results in the formation of the mineral mullite and glass, which together produce porcelain's notable strength and translucence. Porcelain is rated as vitreous or impervious, meaning that it exhibits very little absorbency. Porcelain tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be manufactured to resemble more costly slate, stone or marble.

Mosaic tiles are usually made of porcelain or ceramic and measure two inches square or less. They are generally pre-netted in a variety of shapes and are used on both walls and floors. Mosaic tiles can be used as decorative inserts in shower areas and kitchen backsplashes.